Fall, 2017

To all Fall 2017 Contributors:

There has been a Tech disaster; I am so sorry. The email address for The Road Not Taken was channeled through my university, and they changed systems or did something and your submissions are GONE; I don't even know who submitted, so I can't reply to you in person.

Please believe that I do not say this lightly; both Rachel and I have spoken repeatedly with our tech dept, without success.

In short, those of you wrote me directly instead of using the Road Not Taken email, if you wrote me at my office address you will hear from me within a week. Unfortunately there are not enough of you to make an issue, so the most I can offer those we accept is a position in our Spring Issue.

All I can say to the rest of you however is Please Submit Again! We very much want to read you, and we very much want to continue publishing you. This Will Not Happen Again, and we WILL be back, come spring.

For The Future: to avoid such disasters in the future, we have decided not to go through my university at all; from now on please send all submissions to: Jacobskathryn2@gmail.com I have already written Poet's Market to update our address. Please tell your friends.

Kathryn Jacobs
The Road Not Taken

Summer, 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2


Submissions Guidelines

The Road Not Taken: The Journal of Formal Poetry is accepting submissions at:


on the following schedule:

Fall Submission Period:                    August 15th - October 15th
Spring Submission Period:                January 15th - March 15th
Summer Submission Period:             April 1st- June 15th             

Editors do not read any submissions until after the reading period is closed.

Thank you,

Kathryn Jacobs
Managing Editor

Rachel Jacobs
Associate Editor

The Road Not Taken